Welcome to the Physician Engagement Society

The Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre (ARHCC) Physician Engagement Society (PES) mandate is to engage ARHCC physician medical staff and provide advice on matters of importance to medical staff, their patients and to the Fraser Health Authority.

The intention of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Regional and Local Engagement is to strengthen the relationships and engagement between medical staff and Fraser Health Authority leadership.

To support this, the PES Working Group is tasked with finding ways to:

  • Ensure Physician views are more effectively represented,
  • Contribute to the development and achievement of Health Authority plans and initiatives with respect to matters directly affecting medical staff,
  • Prioritize issues affecting medical staff and patient care,
  • Have meaningful interaction with Health Authority leaders including but not limited to physicians in formal Health Authority medical leadership roles.

The PES Working Group also adjudicates project proposals submitted by MSA members for funding consideration. Click Submit a Project in the PES Dropdown Menu.

Working in partnership with Facility Engagement the aim is to strengthen relationships and engagement between health authorities and facility-based physicians, and to improve the physician work environment and the delivery of patient care through:

  1. Improved opportunities for physicians and health authority leaders to work together to share knowledge and make informed decisions that can improve patient care, the physician experience, and the cost- effectiveness of the health care system.
  2. Opportunities and support for physicians who work at facilities and are members of the medical staff to develop a meaningful voice, and increase involvement in local activities that affect their work and patient care.
  3. Funding to support activities that involve physicians in decision-making, and:
    • pay for physicians’ time to participate,
    • hire expertise where required such as project management, business or data analysis.

For Reference: SSC Facility Engagement Funding Guidelines and Funding Guidelines Summary Table

PES Working Group

PES Working Group Objectives and Responsibilities

The Working Group shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Society (PES Exec) on matters that include, but are not limited to:

  • Creation of a work plan and a budget for the allocation of funds
  • Identifying possible projects and initiatives that meet the objectives of the MOU
  • Consulting with representatives of the medical staff as necessary in the completion of the mandate;
  • Consulting and engaging with health authority leaders on regional and local issues as defined in the MOU; and
  • As required, engage with provincial Facility Engagement Evaluation Team
  • Other matters that may be referred to it by the Board of Directors.

PES Working Group Members

President:                    Gaurav Bahl
Vice-President:           Hardeep Aujla
Secretary-Treasurer:  Bik Grewal

Department Representatives:

Vacant – tba Anesthesiology
Saman Rezazadeh Cardiology
Andrew Neitzel Critical Care
Julien Payrastre Emergency Medicine
Holden Chow Family Practice
Hina Qamar Hospital Medicine
Vacant – tba Lab Med/Pathology
Sudheer Bathina Medical Imaging/Radiology
Euiseok Kim Medicine
Tony Costantino Medicine, Neurology
Fred Hsu Medicine, Oncology
Vacant – tba Mental Hlth/Subst Use
Vacant – tba Nurse Practitioner
Jennifer Kenyon OBGYN
Akash Sinha Pediatrics
George Vrabec Surgery
Harold Wiebe Trauma

Members at Large: Sudheer Bathina, Anthony Costantino, Fred Hsu

Non-Physician MSA Representative: Alex Wong

Non-Voting Working Group Members:

Ruth Robinson, Michael Newton, Brendan Abbott

Administrative Support:

Marc Guay, Project Manager; Christine Limpright, Administrative Assistant

Call for PES Working Group Members!

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