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Join the MSA

Join ARHCC Medical Staff Association today!

Whether you’re a Specialist, Midwife, Dentist, Nurse Practitioner or GP, if you are currently on medical staff* at ARHCC, the MSA welcomes you!


  •  Exclusive events; both professional events and ones that are couples or family oriented

  • Medical Lounge access – including free refreshments with your membership

  • Education and Wellness events and support

  • Access to Physician Engagement Society project funding via the Facility Engagement initiative by Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health (for physicians)

  • Voting rights with the MSA and PES

  • Being part of the active medical staff at ARHCC working to prioritize issues affecting medical staff and patient care outcomes

It’s simple to become a member using our easy, secure online process. Get your credit card, MSP Number and contact info ready, then click on the button.

Join for only $150 per year.

* Medical Staff is defined as the physicians, dentists, midwives and nurse practitioners who have been granted privileges by the Board to practise at ARHCC.

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