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How to Submit a Proposal?

Types of Initiatives Eligible for Funding

Submit your project proposal & request PES funding today!

Funding is available through the ARHCC MSA and the Facility Engagement Initiative to support
projects that:

  1. Enhance the physician experience;
  2. Improve communication between physicians and the Fraser Health Authority; and
  3. Improve patient outcomes.

  1. Patient care: identify and initiate needed change in our clinical areas.
  2. Unified physician voice: develop stronger, positive physician-to-physician relationships built on trust and mutual support with a unified direction and purpose.
  3.  Alignment with health authority: work a with health authority leadership to become an integral and proactive part of organizational decision making.
  4. Promote physician health and well-being: provide supports and programming for optimum physician mental health.
A current round of funding is underway. Click on the buttons to download all the forms you will need to get started! Once completed, proposals can be sent to
​Please contact for application and project support.
Please contact for admin support.

Do you have a great idea for a project?

Current Projects

Quality Initiatives | $15,000

ARHCC PES Subcommittee - Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives | $2,500

ARHCC PES Working Group - Project Reviews

Quality Initiatives | $3,800

Perioperative Surgical Optimisation

Quality Initiatives | $9,900

Prostate Cancer - Transition of Care

Education | $25,000

Resident Support Project

Quality Improvement | $1,600

ER Trauma Process Simulations

Quality Improvement | $2,850

Maximimzing OR Efficiency Planning Stage

Quality Improvement | $6,000

Pediatric High-Acuity Unit / Surge Planning

NEW | $2,000

Physician Wellness & Community Building Session

Physician Engagement Society | $4,400

Establishing a Recruitment Committee

Physician Engagement Society | $10,250

Oncology Innovation and Research Collaboration

Education | $26,500

Abbotsford Kickstart Conference (NFPF)

Quality Improvement | $5,100

Hospitalist Scheduling Guidelines

Quality Improvement | $7,100

Improving Access and Flow in the ER

Quality Initiatives | $4,100

Damage Control Surgery

NEW | $46,260

MSA Lounge Engagement

Quality Initiatives | $3,100

Oncology Wellness and Workflow

Physician Engagement Society | $2,750

Oncology / ER Group Strengthening

Physician Engagement Society | $2,100

Physician-Administrator Work Shadowing

Education | $2,700

Clinical Chest Tube Management Education Initiative

Quality Improvement | $3,750

Meet the Department Head : Open House for Medical Staff

NEW | $4,300

Quality Improvement Café

NEW | $9,200

Breakfast with Leaders

NEW | $0

Physician Recognition & Community Strengthening Event

NEW | $17,500

Story Rounds

Education | $50,500

Grand Rounds

Quality Improvement | $7,100

Protocol for Hospital: Transfers/ Admissions / Census Numbers

Quality Improvement | $5,200

ACE: Earlier Catheter Remove

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