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Role Description: President

• Convene and chair all meetings of the general Medical Staff
• Be a voting member of all committees of the Medical Staff of the facility.
• Engages with and represents the collective interests of the ARHCC medical staff.
• Creates a culture of active and constructive engagement including the facilitation of open,
candid dialogue and healthy debate.
• Presides at all ARHCC MSA & PES Board and MSA Quarterly Member meetings and manages
executive business.
• Ensures the ARHCC MSA & PES adheres to its constitution and bylaws, rules, mission, vision, and goals.
• Acts as the organizational spokesperson (e.g., is the “face” of the organization).
• Plays a leading role in ARHCC MSA & PES events.
• Makes a conscious effort to reach out to individual ARHCC MSA & PES members to engage,
promote the ARHCC MSA & PES, and seek their opinion so that they can adequately represent
the “voice” of members.
• Prepares ARHCC MSA & PES Board and MSA Quarterly Member meeting agendas with the
senior staff person (e.g., Program Manager) with input from other Board members.
• Delegates responsibilities and duties among Board members, and staff, as required.
• Encourages participation of members at meetings.
• Addresses conflicts of interest and interpersonal dynamics.
• In the case of disciplinary action taken with respect to an individual member, informs that
member of their rights under the Fraser Health Bylaws.
• Attends the monthly ARHCC MHCC and the HSQOMC meetings on behalf of the Medical Staff
• Attends the FH MSAs President’s Council meetings, and participates in the rota of MSA
Presidents to attend the FHA HAMAC meetings.
• Facilitates communication and relationships between the ARHCC MSA & PES and the FHA site
Leadership (e.g., Site Medical Director, Site Executive Director).
• Attends external FHA or community meetings to represent ARHCC MSA & PES members:
o Communicates all recommendations and matters of concern from the Medical Staff to
the Program Medical Directors, the Regional Department Heads and/or the VP
Medicine, HAMAC, the Presidents’ Council and the Fraser Health senior management as
o Receives information as deemed appropriate from the HAMAC, regional programs, the
Board, the CEO, Fraser Health or site senior management, the Program Medical
Directors, the Regional Department Heads or others and disseminates this information
to the medical staff and local community physicians.

• Evaluates effectiveness of Executive decision-making through Board self-assessments.

• Serves as an ex officio member of committees as required and maintains contact with Sub-
committee Chairs.

• Recognizes member contributions to ARHCC MSA & PES work.
• Mentors existing Board members and potential new ARHCC MSA & PES leaders.
• Supervises, builds, and maintains a relationship with the Program Manager and other staff, and
is responsible for hiring of staff.
• Is available to the Program Manager for consultation purposes.
• Conducts performance reviews on the Program Manager, and other staff with input from other
• Signing officer for cheques and other documents (e.g., contracts).
• Prepares a President’s Report for the AGM.

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