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Role Description:

Secretary & Treasurer

• Represents the breadth of the ARHCC MSA & PES membership.
• Serves on the Board or undertakes other specific activities as requested by the Board.
• Gives notice of all meetings of the Medical Staff (including MSA Quarterly Meetings and AGM).
• Attends to all correspondence of the ARHCC MSA & PES.
• Oversees the recording and storage of information for the ARHCC MSA & PES.
• Keeps copies of bylaws, policy statements, staff records, lists of Directors, committees, and general membership.
• Ensures quorum at meetings.
• Records and keeps copies of official minutes and attendance of meetings.
• Distributes minutes promptly after meetings.
• Maintains annual planning calendar of events and notifies members of meetings, including AGM, MSA Quarterly Member meetings and upcoming events.
• Assumes the duties of the Vice President in the absence of the Vice President or inability of the Vice President to perform the duties of that office,          including chairing meetings in the absence of the President and Vice President.
• Oversees the financial controls and procedures of the ARHCC MSA & PES.
• Interprets and abides by the FE Funding Guidelines.
• Works closely with the Program Manager (or delegate) to maintain financial records & produce financial reports.
• Oversees day-to-day financial tasks, such as monthly banking, FEMS administration, physician
claim approval, quarterly financial statements, annual and quarterly budgeting process, and contractor payments.
• Reviews ARHCC MSA & PES finances regularly to ensure order and accuracy.
• Gives regular reports on the financial status of the ARHCC MSA & PES and leads the Board in
understanding and decision-making regarding finances.
• Facilitates the collection of medical staff dues and maintains records of funds received and expended.
• Keeps financial reports on file.
• Oversees the preparation of annual financial statements to be presented to membership at the annual general meeting.
• Ensures that an audit of Medical Staff Association funds is conducted annually.
• Responds to annual audit and ensures audit issues and recommendations are addressed.
• Signing officer for cheques and other documents.

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