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Role Description:


• Works with Board and Program Manager to assist the President in meeting their duties.
• Assumes all the duties and authorities of the President in the absence of the President or the
inability of the President to perform the duties of that office.
• Is often (but not necessarily) the successor for the role of President upon their retirement.
• If necessary, seeks physician leadership training opportunities in preparation for future
President role.
• Builds and maintains a relationship with the Program Manager and other staff.
• Is available to the Program Manager for consultation purposes.
• Engages with and represents the collective interests of the ARHCC MSA & PES medical staff.
• In consultation with the Board and Program Manager, oversees the organizational strategic
planning process.
• Oversees the ARHCC MSA & PES evaluation process.
• May assume the role of Chair for the Working Group (if another member is not appointed).
• Signing officer for cheques and other documents.

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